I am truly sorry for neglecting my blog as of late and I thought I would write a few reviews this week to make up for my absence, starting with Caliban’s War by James S.A. Corey


Now if you have not read my review of the first book in the series and you want to read it, stop now. I do not want to spoil that excellent book.

In the second book we follow Jim Holden and his crew aboard The Rocinante, a Martian Marine, a UN diplomat and a researcher on one of Jupiter’s moons. It is after the incident on Venus and both Mars and Earth are keeping a close eye on the development when a mysterious attack on Ganymede throws the entire system into a state of emergency.

Like every sequel to a good story, this book had a lot to live up to and it felt like it met every expectation I had to the series and more. The characters are a lot deeper and more engaging. Jim Holden tries to fill the role that Detective Miller had in the first book and it puts a massive strain on his relationship. Some of the new characters give a better impression of the complex political situation and it illustrates how human technology might change, but human nature remains a constant.

It is an enjoyable read and I recommend it as highly as I did the first one.

JH Lillevik is a writer of sci-fi and fantasy. He writes screenplays, novels and short stories. He also works as a writing consultant for upcoming writers. His specialty is mythology, world building and psychology.

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