New idea!

As Gathering the Circle has gathered some momentum… See what I did there… I have been wondering if you guys would like to read something a little more current. I have an idea I have been working on the last year and it is inspired by Norse Culture and mythology, something that has been inspiring me for many years, actually since I was a small child. Gathering the Circle was something I wrote t the age of 23 and I love the fact that you have given me so much positive feedback, so I will not leave it on the shelf. However Ismark, my more current project, might show more of how much I have grown as a writer.

What do you guys think?


  1. You haven’t posted it yet? 🙂 Looking forward to reading it. I studied various deity systems being a philosophy of religion minor in college. The Norse Mythology always gravitated my interest considering the richness of the Norse culture.

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