Imagine that you are a fearsome leader of a ruthless guild of thieves and assassins. Now imagine that your son seems to be the spitting image of yourself. This is the life of Thren Felhorn in the city of Veldaren from the wonderful universe that David Dalglish has created.


The novel starts with the young son of Thren, Aaron, who seems like the son that Thren has always wanted. He has already killed his brother at a very young age and he seems open to learn anything from his father. When an attempt at kidnapping Aaron fails, he befriends a young woman, Kayla. She is maybe not the best thief or assassin, but since she saves Aaron from the king’s soldiers, Thren accepts the woman as one of his own. She likes the young son and she and others seem to see something good in him.

Thren is in a five-year war with the three most powerful lords called the Trifect and he wants to end the war as the lords prepare to meet at the Kensgold, a bi-annual event. As Thren lays his plans, he starts to doubt his son’s loyalty and others as well.

I loved how well written the book was. Now this was originally released as a self-published work and sometimes that can be seen, but as self-published work it is great and it really enthralled me. The two religious fractions are a great addition and I love how opposing views they have. Aaron is a great main character and he really makes you empathize with his plights. The supporting characters fill out the plot and you get a wider view of how this world might grow. Kayla, Senke and Robert Haern all represent the ones that see something good in Aaron, and Thren and Pelarak represent the darker side of this world. I have already bought the second book and I really look forward to read it during the summer.

As I picked up this novel because the author shared the last name with one of my favorite football players, Kenny Dalglish, I was really happy this book made me as happy as watching my team, Liverpool, crush opponents.This book comes highly recommended by me.

JH Lillevik is a writer of sci-fi and fantasy. He writes screenplays, novels and short stories. He also works as a writing consultant for upcoming writers. His specialty is mythology, world building and psychology.

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